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About Us

Unimade industry is a professional producer and exporter of Color stone coated metal roof tiles, PPGI and color coated corrugate roofing sheet, Galvanized steel sheet and Galvanized corrugate roofing sheet, and other steel products.

Unimade focus on providing you high quality products and VIP service.

Unimade have a well team-conscious, the ability of communication and coordination, work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the pressure of the work. We are young, passionate, fun, experienced, helpful, when doing business with us, there is nothing you cannot rest assured.

Currently we have major customers from all over the world. Provide cost efficient yet quality products for our customers, assisting them to gain competitive advantages are our major focus.

Customer satisfaction has always been our purpose, and we constantly stick to the principle to provide customers with a value-added solution rather than simply delivering products.




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